About Us

Lacey Platt

Lacey is a wife, mother of five beautiful girls, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and both a life and youth empowerment coach. She loves to help people learn the true value of connection. She believes that you must connect with yourself, first and foremost, to understand who you are truly meant to be. This then opens your eyes to connect with a higher power, for guidance and direction, which allows you to put your full self forward and truly connect with others as your most authentic, genuine self. Her biggest passion lies with helping the youth since she has witness amazing transformations in what she calls "Their 3c’s": their confidence, connection and communication skills. She and her husband have built an amazing company called Arise to Connect from which they have served people from all over the world. They enjoy traveling for both business and family. They host events, speak at events on a broad range of topics, have online courses, audios and products and are also working on becoming published authors.

   Adam Platt



I specialize in helping high achievers set and achieve those big goals in life.

 If you really need to to be more successful in life, achieve your goals, and have a life full of joy and abundance then I can definitely help you.

 I am an expert in helping you have success and my accomplishments include:


  • Graduate of Weber State University with my MBA
  • Certified Rapid Growth Coach

Work History:

  • Spent the last 5 years learning how to help people and coach them to overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals

Titles, and Designations:

  • Owner of Arise to Connect
  • Trainer and public speaker

Other Info:

  • Started Arise to Connect with my wife to help others achieve the life they love
  • Father to five girls, the youngest being twins
  • Love geeking out on how the mind works and how to always improve as a person
  • Love to run and spend time with my family
  • Overcame a learning disability and went on to get an undergrad in business and a Masters of Business Administration
  • Took out bankruptcy after losing my job, but never gave up on my goals and dreams
  • Suffered from depression and almost committed suicide, and that is when I decided a change needed to come from within myself

 When you want to set and achieve those big goals in life, we're the ones the experts turn to for helping you have success.

 I have what it takes to help you to be more successful in life, achieve your goals, and have a life full of joy and abundance!

Our Story


 Adam & Lacey haven't always had the life they wanted. Adam had problems having good self esteem and confidence in his abilities. He struggled in his younger years in school with a learning disability and was very shy as a youth because of his learning problems. Things started to change in his life when he meet his amazing wife who saw the potential in him and believed in his abilities and supported him in his life ambitions. Even with that support, Adam felt like he just wasn't moving forward and wasn't where he wanted to be in life. He felt depressed and was struggling with feelings that he was letting everyone around him down. Then they were introduced to personal development and things really started to change. They started learning things to increase their confidence and Adam realized he needed to dig deep inside himself and make changes if he wanted things to change in his life. He gained greater confidence in himself, which helped him get a new job which increased his income by almost 40%. They noticed other things in their lives started to increase as they implemented little things to change how they felt about themselves and the world around them. Their relationships improved with loved ones and those they interacted with. They also saw a change in their children and how they started to do better in school and with their self esteem as they started teaching them the things they were learning. Adam and Lacey have a passion to help others realize they can achieve deeper connection with themselves, others and with God and move to a higher level in their life then they have ever realized. This was how they designed and created the foundation for Arise To Connect.