Jun 11, 2019


I believe everyone has the potential to be great and to unlock their greatness within side of themselves.

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Full Transcript

     I believe that greatness is in each one of us and that that greatness is not a personality trait, but it's just waiting to come out that we can tap into that greatness at any time. So many of the great people in history, we're just average people that tapped into their greatness and they came forth. I believe that every one of us has that capability and that that greatness is, is deep inside. We're born with it and it's just waiting to come out. I feel that we can achieve so much more than we think that we can, that we can go after those big goals and dreams. I say go after those big goals and dreams. So often we limit ourselves by the things that we think that we can do today and we, we stop ourselves from really going after those things that we want to accomplish in life.

     And so, I say go after those big goals and dreams. Don't limit yourself by your capabilities today, but push yourself to learn what you need to do to go after those big goals and those dreams that you can accomplish tomorrow. Every one of us can achieve great success in our life and we can go after amazing things and have great achievement in our life. You know, my story starts when I was young and I was in grade school. I, I struggled a lot in school. I had a learning disability and often times I had this really hard time reading, writing, spelling, and I remember sitting in class and my teacher would give me simplified words for my spelling test because I just, I was so bad at spelling and learning disability just made it so much difficult for me to be able to spell. So, she gave me these easier spelling words and I remember looking around thinking everybody else has these harder words and they're able to spell them and I have these simple words and I can barely spell these easier, simpler words.

     Is there something wrong with me? Is there something dumb about me? Am I not smart enough am I never going to be able to accomplish anything because I can't learn and it really had an effect on my self-esteem really had an effect on my confidence. And over time, you know, I had some great teachers and my parents and over time when I got into junior high and in high school, things finally started to click for me and I was able to start learning a little bit better and the damage was done and I really struggled with that self-esteem and confidence and I thought that all I could ever do in life was to get a job and work my way up through that job and hopefully work really hard and people would notice how hard I worked that I would be able to make a good living eventually.

     I never thought that I would ever be able to do anything with school again, higher education was not in my future, but luckily, I met a beautiful woman. I married her, believed in me, she pushed me and I decided that with her help that we would, I would go and take college, go to a university and so I signed up and I was so nervous, I was so scared that I was going to fail miserably, but I decided I was going to do my best. I was going to work super hard and I took a class and I got an A in it and I took my next class, I got A and I like my confidence started building and growing and once I shifted my perspective too, I can't to, I can, everything made a difference in my life. Everything shifted, everything changed. And I decided then and there that I was going to work my butt off in college and that I was going to do the very, very best I could. And I ended up graduating with a 3.93 GPA in my Undergrad.

      A few years later, I said I was going to go, even though I was so nervous about a master's degree, I decided I was going to do, I'm going to try it cause I wanted to prove not only to myself but to my kids that if I could do it, they can do it. And so I went and I enrolled and I got my master's degree and I graduated. And then it was hard. It was difficult. It took a lot of effort in a lot of time. And I failed finance the first time and I had to retake it and it was awful. It was, it was this, you know, this roller coaster of emotions. I can't do it. I can do it. But I, I always tried to believe in myself the best I could. And, and I, I made it through it and I graduated with my master's degree and that was one of the biggest accomplishments I ever had because if I can do it.

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