Having Positive Influence on Others

Jan 29, 2018

We hear it all the time, your actions speak louder then your words, and its true. Our actions can have a great influence on those around us, especially our loved ones. Have you ever wanted to know how to have greater influence on those around you? I've noticed in my life that when I am really congruent with who I am and act the way I speak I can influence my children and others around me. I have seen so many amazing things happen when I do what I say I am going to do and act like I say I am going to. What this means is that you need to be who you say you are and then there is a ripple affect that happens to those around you. You will also find you have greater amounts of joy and happiness because you are being true to yourself, which again has amazing affect and influence on those you come in contact with you. So how do we be ourselves and have a greater influence on others? In this weeks video training I share some tools and tips of how you can be yourself and the affect it can have on others. We can be a powerful tool to help others live their life and to be a better version of themselves, but it has to start with us. Check out the video and make sure to subscribe to get the latest news and trainings.


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