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Meet Adam & Lacey Platt



Adam and Lacey are some of the top Achievement coaches in the world.  Their unique style of coaching and their fresh perspective and frameworks have helped many people unlock their full potential inside of themselves. 

Adam and Lacey are passionate about setting and achieving goals and helping you create the life you want full of love, joy, and abundance. 

When they aren't speaking on stage, coaching, recording a new podcast or working on the next new program to help others they enjoy spending time with their 5 kids, traveling, and meeting amazing people. 

"Adam and Lacey have been a joy to know. They are dedicated, loving coaches who have invested both in their time and talents to get really good at what they do. Their unique energy will add to your experience with them for sure! "


Tammy Anderson Ward

"Adam and Lacey are a power couple! I admire their leadership abilities and the inspiring way they share their message! They are relate-able and fun! I highly recommend them as speakers and coaches."


Julie Brown


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Vision Board Masterclass

In this online course Lacey teaches you how to create and scale your vision board from beginner to master in 5 powerful modules. 

If you ever wondered what a Vision Board was or how it can help you reach your goals? Or maybe you have tried a vision board before and it just wasn't working for you. Let Lacey walk you through how to create a vision board and to get it working for you in this powerful course!

With Lacey Platt

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Goal Crusher Course

 If you’re struggling to achieve your goals or have no idea how to set goals - You’re at the right place.

Because I’m going to show you how you can crush your goals once and for all, unlike the conventional ways others use for so many years that do not work!

What I’m about to share with you can increase your Productivity up to 40%, and create TIME for yourself that you never knew existed!

It doesn’t matter what level of productivity or age you’re at, even if you don’t have a single clue what goals are…

The information I’m about to share can change your life forever.

And Trust me… You too can start crushing your goals today easily and live the life of your dreams

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Unleash Your Confidence Course

What does confidence have to do with success? Everything! If you are lacking confidence in yourself or your abilities then you will not be able to move as fast towards the life you want. 

In this powerful course you will learn what confidence is and where it comes from. How we can gain greater confidence in any area of your life. How to summon confidence at any time and in any situation. 

With Adam Platt

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Unleash Your Greatness Course

 Are you ready to tap into your full potential? In this online course you will learn the four main building blocks of greatness and how to achieve more in your life. 
Adam walks you through how to really Unleash Your Greatness in this 5 module course. Learn how to master your mindset, have more energy, take massive action towards your goals and lead with confidence. 

With Adam Platt

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How To Build A Better Teen

Does your teen interact with others or do they believe that texting someone is the only way to communicate? Can they talk to their teachers and/or adults, or do they struggle to look someone in the eye and really connect with them? Lacey teaches you the tools to help your teen build a real connection with themselves, with others and with you on this training. These skills will help them to transform the way they communicate and allow them to confidently connect and develop lasting relationships that will propel them forward in higher education, interviewing for jobs, leadership roles and set them up with confidence for success in their future.

With Lacey Platt

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Shy to Shine

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs So You Can Avoid Feeling Stuck in Life

Join Adam as he shares some personal experiences in his life that caused limiting beliefs and how he was able to overcome those beliefs to find greater success in his career, relationships, and overall joy and happiness. Learn how to grow your confidence and become a better version of yourself!

With Adam Platt


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